Luxury Geometric Patterned Rugs: Designer, Manufacturer, & Exporter in India

Kapoor Handloom Industries is one of the top-most leading designer, manufacturer, & exporter of high-quality geometric patterned rugs. We are India’s oldest, well-known, and most prestigious geometric rugs manufacturing & exporting company. Our manufactured high-quality contemporary & modern geometric patterned rugs can be found in best hotels, royal palaces, and royal houses. Kapoor Handloom born with the motive for providing not only quality products but also makes them available at affordable price.

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of products with countless variety which can be customized by our customers. By focusing on the traditional and modern designs, we have brought a beautiful amalgamation of creativity which will give a pretty and graceful look to your house. Along with that, Kapoor Handloom take an instant action for manufacturing the desired product expressed by our customers. By update research and desire of the required product, we make the magic to impress our clients. The company always care that the product serving the customer should be usable as long lasting as. Our professional designers make stronger geometric rug products by using fine raw material. That is why each and every product which takes place at the end sounds reliable.

Handmade Patterned Rugs Modern by Kapoor Handloom Industries

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Our manufactured high-quality contemporary patterned rugs modern will turn your in house designs into a charming and pleasant place. Kapoor Handlooms is working as a professional team. And with that, we try in making our customers satisfied through our excellent contemporary & modern patterned rugs. With the glorious experience of ages, we have earned a tag of a trendsetter in the handloom industry. As we (modern patterned rugs manufacturer & exporter) have been empowering this industry for years and tailoring our own commitments. From the local brand, now we have become the global brand as we have clients throughout the world with whom we are dealing with. We believe in everyday improvisation as after selling, our special team gets the feedback from our customers. That is why we every day improve the products which we manufacture and export.

Every company requires a few certifications through which the quality work of companies speaks. You will be happy to know that in our country we are one of those sorts of the company which carries all kind of certifications which are necessary. And we have got the certifications due to the dedication and hard work in handloom industry.

Beauty your place with our Handloom Design Collections

We live at our home because we love it. Home is the place which should be neat and clean and also beautiful. By considering your attachment with your house we have brought innovation in the handloom design collections. Our contemporary & modern geometric patterned rug products have made a trend for in house beauty. We exactly know what you want for your house, furniture and other places you want to decorate. Our various teams work with collaboration through which the end product takes place. Due to all those factors, Kapoor Handlooms is rapidly growing in the country. Due to this, we are also raising a lot of opportunities for newcomers. Contributing to the country’s growth is the part of our success as we are generating various revolutions in the handloom industry that effect taking place across the world.

Along with that, we promise to provide you with the best-suited modern geometric patterned rugs product which could be modern, traditional or as per your design. Along with that, we are happy to help you out with your queries if you have any questions regarding our products or any suggestion you can ping us on the given phone numbers and email IDs.

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