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Kapoor Handloom is not only the business but family which is benefiting the customers and stakeholders with braided jute rugs. As a top manufacturer & exporter of high-quality braided jute rugs, we have built a bridge of relationship with all our clients. That’s why our consumers and employees are a family which is performing tremendously together in the field of handloom. Our manufactured braided jute rugs now became popular not only in the country but across the world due to the hard efforts of our highly-skilled team.

braided jute rugs manufacturerThe journey of Kapoor Handloom has started years ago with the commitment to shine in the world with world-class quality handloom products. We believe in working together with our traders, buyers, and other distributors as one team one goal. Working together towards innovation & color combination, we have achieved the crown of success. It became possible due to the superior quality and a wide range of variety that we have served to our customers. We are exporting our manufactured braided jute rugs at very reasonable rates to our clients. Affordable prices of products also played a vital role in building the pyramid of trust among the consumers. The exportation of our handloom items starts from our country as we have clients in Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, & many other foreign countries. With the support of our customers, we are going to achieve the largest place in the handloom market at this time.

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Kapoor Handloom Industries is well-known among the top best cotton braided rugs manufacturers, suppliers, & exporters across the country. Every product including cotton braided rugs manufactured by Kapoor Handloom fulfills all your requirements. If you want to decorate your house, rooms with beautiful cotton braided rugs or provide grace to your furniture or even you want to give traditional gifts to your dear ones, we fulfill all your requirements. The diversity in the taste of our handloom designs is being praised by the world. With working on getting the highest quality of products, we are keenly and dedicatedly performing for achieving the dream of being the best brand in the handloom market. This is the reason, we always focus on our products and equality.

At Kapoor Handloom, a strong research and development handloom team is continuously working with great dedication. As leading cotton braided rugs manufacturer & supplier, we want to remove each and every mistake and serve the end product completely correct. By breaking the old myths and traditions, we have added a unique amalgamation of beauty and designs in our all products which will steal your heart at first sight.

Handmade Wool Braided Area Rugs in India: Kapoor Handloom Industries

Kapoor Handloom Industries is manufacturing & supplying high-quality handmade wool braided rugs. The endeavor of the organization is not to make any competition with other brands word to shine as the most trustworthy name across the world. Benefiting all stakeholders and all consumers are the root and the foundation of Kapoor Handloom. Due to this, we have earned the tag of a leading brand in the handloom market. We live with the above-stated words every day so we are creating the finest wool braided rugs to your doorstep. The entire bunch of commitments, we have raised in previous years was completely implemented by our side. Along with selling handloom products, we also love to help our consumers with queries and doubts.

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